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Indian AAMA sponsor children live at Nava Jeevan (New Life) Children’s Home and school, in Dhora Thota, Andhra Pradesh.  Since 1984, COTR ministries in India (AAMA partners) have been caring for and educating children.  Many of these are now successful citizens and leaders.  The Nava Jeevan School student body is made up of students from local villages, boarders from families in business in other areas and children’s home children.  Sponsor children are well fed (the campus has a small farm, including milking cows), and clothed, and are cared for in groups by a house parent.

AAMA sponsor children in Myanmar live in Charity Children’s Home, Yangon.  Since early 1990s ACTS ministries, Myanmar, have cared for children from backgrounds of poverty, disadvantage or loss of parents.  Those who visit these children remark on how joyful they are. According to the Myanmar law, the children must be educated in a government public school, but some further tutoring is provided for our children outside of school hours.  In Myanmar where employment is difficult to obtain, AAMA is working with our partners with their vision to create employment opportunities as children finish school.

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What will I receive when I sponsor a child?


You will receive a photograph card with some personal details of your sponsor child.  You will also receive an information leaflet giving you an idea of what life is like in your sponsor child’s country, what daily life is like for your sponsor child, and other sponsorship information.


Do I have to donate monthly?


You can donate monthly, quarterly or annually.


Could a group sponsor a child?


We have Connect Groups, a group of friends, a Kids Church – each sponsoring a child.  It is a great idea for a school class or youth group, to have a sponsor child as a common project.


How can I pay?


You could pay by cash or cheque to our office.

Credit card payments can be made online, using this form.

You can arrange a monthly direct debit from your bank.  Australian & Asian Missions Association: BSB 062000, account 10742354.


How will I find out how my child is progressing?


You will receive an update at least once a year, including a letter from your sponsor child.


Can I write to my sponsor child?


Definitely!  Children thrive when they know someone has taken a personal interest in them. When you write, your child will be encouraged to write back to you, and this grows your relationship with your sponsor child. You should send your letter to AAMA, Box 355 Miranda, NSW 1490.  Allow time for this process however, as sometimes letters have to be translated, and our wonderful carers work very diligently.


Can I send a gift to my sponsor child?


We don’t allow individual gifts, as singling out a child in this way can make it difficult for your sponsor child’s relationship with the other children and loved ones.  However, you can send birthday cards, or make a one-off donation for the children’s home towards special projects such as ‘Christmas’ or ‘sports equipment’ etc.


Could I visit my sponsor child?


Yes.  We encourage sponsors to join an AAMA short term team, which usually runs over about two weeks, during which time they can visit their sponsor child.

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